Badabro is a platform facilitating the loan transactions between the borrowers and the NBFCs/Banks. All loan applications are approved and sanctioned by NBFCs/Banks registered with RBI and communicated upfront during Loan application.

Our current lending partner(s) is/are:

We always ensure that we are transparent with our customers/borrowers and help them make an informed decision. To ascertain this:

  • We work only with RBI certified NBFCs/Banks and the name of the lender is always in the loan agreement.
  • We show all charges to the customer upfront and do not have any hidden fees.
  • We display all the Terms & Conditions upfront so that the customer is aware of the agreement details.
  • We never mislead or confuse the customer via deceptive advertisement.

We provide a detailed FAQ section on the app and have a customer support team available in case the customer doubts that aren’t addressed.

Lastly, we understand that unexpected circumstances arise. However, the customers/borrowers need to be treated fairly and need to be given enough time and opportunity to repay the loan. We assist the borrowers in case of a hardship without indulging or tolerating any malpractices to recover the money:

  • We never mislead or threaten the customer to make payment.
  • We never create fake legal notices from any Government bodies or use logos or stamps of bodies such as RBI, CBI, UIDAI, Tax department etc.
  • We ensure that all our legal notices are sent on authorized letterheads from our authorised legal partners.

If you find any suspicious activities, please report them to

As a responsible lender, we are there to help you in every way possible.

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